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Hi all,

Help us populate the world with user friendly eBooks by helping us to convert out of copyright ebooks in to the 3D page turning DNL format - using DeskTop Author.

You may choose from the thousands of eBooks now out of copyright. We have provided you with a managed data base which prevents authors from producing the same eBook multiple times.

All you need is the software called DeskTop Author and we will provide even the basic templates for you.

All current and new DeskTop Author Customers who produce 20 eBooks + will receive 1 Major upgrade to DeskTop Author latest edition.

1. Sign up below

2. Choose a Book

3. Produce the eBook using DeskTop Author

4. Sign up to Digital River and Wrap the eBook with DeskTop Author's DNL DRM protection system

5. Choose to sell the eBook or make it available Free

6. Once your eBook is finalised it will automatically be listed in

7. Promoted and listed on Google and other major search engines in over 23,000 categories and growing

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